Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who doesn't love candy corn?!?

I've seen a lot of adorable candy corn-type outfits out there, but I fell in love with Nancy's Couture's Corn-y Project.  I'm glad I copied her idea for the candy corn hair clip...people finally "got" the outfit once they saw her hair!  I didn't see her tutorial before I did mine...had I checked it out, I would have realized earlier that I did mine upside down!
This really was a simple project! I used a t-shirt in each color that was a little big on her.  The top of the white is the hem of the white shirt and I used the bottom of the yellow shirt so I didn't need to hem anything!  I threaded a strip of the white t-shirt through the top (hem) of the white shirt and I was done!  Only 2 seams!!!  I didn't even finish the arm holes. 

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