Monday, September 6, 2010

Slipcover for Child's Pull-Out Foam Couch

What little one wouldn't love a pull-out couch to lounge on???

I love the idea...but I hated the patterns I had to choose from.  To begin, my living room is filled with toys, so the last thing I wanted to add was a piece of furniture that had cartoon characters all over it (no offense).  My Jilli Bean is still too young to really care (however, I think she has a crush on Diego from Go, Diego, Go). 

I searched the web for patterns to make these couches, but I didn't come up with much.  The most I could find was a rough sketch with dimensions--I could handle putting the foam together, but I envisioned a complete nightmare when making the slipcover without a pattern.

I found this at the toy store (normally $44.99 on clearance for $24.97--I probably could have found one at a second hand store, yard sale or Craigslist, but I have allergies so a new one was better for me):
It's cute...but I knew it would soon be an eyesore and I would be sick of I decided to use the existing cover as a pattern.

I went to the "fabric by the pound" store and found some Soft & Comfy-type fabric in a light pink.  It normally runs about $12.99/yard at the fabric store, but I got 2-3 yards (almost 2 pounds) for less than $11 (I have plenty of fabric leftover).

I took pictures of the slipcover after I took it off (so I knew how it was supposed to look when the foam wasn't inside) so I knew where each piece went and which direction it was supposed to face (since I wanted the fabric to be going the correct way).

From Drop Box
From Drop Box
I grabbed my seam ripper, got comfy on the couch and watched tv while I ripped out every single seam (with the exception of the zipper that was sewn to the fabric on the bottom of the couch).  I laid out the pink fabric and placed each piece on it, making sure that the grain of the fabric was going the correct way, and cut out each piece.
This is all the pieces of the original slipcover after I took it apart. (The bottoms piece, with the zipper, is not shown.)

I wasn't sure how to secure the cover on the foam--my initial thought was elastic (wanted it to be removable so it could be washed), but I decided to salvage the bottom of the couch (had a large zipper that ran along 3 sides of the couch)--it was lime green, but it was on the bottom and wouldn't show.  I attached that to the pink fabric.  The original cover had a piece of Velcro that was sewn to the seat of the cover and the other side was stuck to the foam (it had come unstuck).  I have yet to attach that to the new slipcover.  It would help

The entire project took approximately 7 hours (of course I was excited to get it done and did the majority in one night).  I love the way it turned out, but have absolutely no intentions of doing this again!  (However, I did save the pieces I used as a never know!)  It wasn't that difficult, just time consuming, but well worth it! My Jilli Bean loves it!



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