Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweet Simple Skirt

I think this will be green enough for St. Patrick's Day...right?
This is just a plain elastic waist skirt...but the ruffle totally completes the skirt!  I bought this shirt a few weeks ago at a Just Between Friends sale and then found the fabric--I am totally in love with this outfit!  (Don't mind the of her brand new sandals seems to have walked away after only wearing them once!)

I am notorious for making things more difficult than they really are, especially when I'm sewing late at night.  But not this time!  I made the ruffle with my ruffler first...then measured the ruffle and cut the skirt to match that size.  Talk about easy!  I'm more of the "cut the skirt, then ruffle the fabric on the skirt--run out of fabric--take out the ruffle and try it again" type of girl, but I'm getting better.  I finished the skirt off with an elastic waist and topstiched the seams. 

The skirt has just the right swings when she walks and has a lovely twirl when she spins!  And the colors...LOVE!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrift Store Find to Art Caddy

I always see people post their awesome thrift store finds.  I never find much of anything, but the last time I went, I left my mind open and saw beyond what I saw on the shelf.

I found a wooden caddy for $2.99.  It looked like something that could be useful after a little spray paint and love (of course, it was assembled in the store).  
My spray paint skills leave a lot to be desired, but hey, it's for a toddler's art supplies.  It probably will have crayon or marker on it in a few days!  I finished it by adding vinyl from my Silhouette.  Jilli will be happy to see it tomorrow, although, she liked it just fine without the vinyl and the art supplies inside...she would grab it and stand by the door saying she was going to work and that was her toolbox!