Sunday, September 12, 2010

Simplifying the impossible task of tracing a toddler's hands

I came across this craft project awhile ago.  I thought it would be a cute gift for grandparents, but my Jilli was still too wiggly for me to trace her hands. 

Since it was Grandparents Day, I decided to go for it and make something like this. 

I put her hands on the scanner (she added her face!) and got a pretty good image of one of her hands--the other hand had the fingers turned (a copy machine would work too).  I printed it, cut it out and traced it onto construction paper. 

I don't have a picture of the finished project, but it turned out nothing like the lilies in the picture--it had been awhile since I saw this craft, so what I ended up with was basically handprints on a green pipe cleaner and put in a vase.  Still cute because it was Jilli's hands. 

I used the handprint on the left and it will make for some cute handprint turkeys for Thanksgiving!
***This looks like a scary picture!!! LOL!***
Her hands look a little "chubbier" since she is pressing down on the scanner,
but I thinned them out a little as I cut the printout. 
From Drop Box

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