Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Craft Fail!

Can we say craft fail???

This beanie was so quick and easy to put together.  The Creative Maven did a great job with her tutorial.  

I used some heavier knit to make the hat--and it was still too hot and my Jilli Bean did not want to wear it...some day the weather will cool off.

I decided to be brave and bleach the letter "J" on the hat (my first experience doing this).  Cute...right?  My craft began to fail immediately. 
Problem #1  Instead of using a freezer paper stencil, I used some opaque plastic for making patterns and stuff.  The bleach worked...but it continued to bleed outward.
Problem #2  When you bleach get orange.  I know this! I cringe every time my husband gets bleach on his black work pants.  For some reason I had in my mind that it would bleach to white.  I'm going to blame this one on mommy brain.
Problem #3 I then decided to fix it by using black acrylic paint with textile medium to paint over the "J".  It worked great!  Then I ironed on a flower stencil...uh, I had problems ironing it on since it the hat was already sewn together and the design I cut out was going to wrap around a little.
Problem #4 I ended up painting the flower white--blah!

Needless to say, the hat is still able to be salvaged with a little more work...but it was so easy to make I'm going to scrap it and make another! This time I will not mess it up!LOL!

From Beanie
From Beanie

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